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technology news st. louisPlanning your 2014 online marketing? Use these top 5 Google Analytics metrics, including traffic by device, site search and more, to help effectively guide your strategy and create benchmarks for future digital success.

A solid Adwords campaign is about more than writing a few lines of text and connecting a URL. Check out these 6 clickworthy elements to increase your campaign click-through and conversion rates.


You’ll never guess which mobile platform hosts the fastest page-load. Ready? BlackBerry. Yeah, we’re serious.

Google Glass isn’t just for the fancy techies any longer. This new wave of wearable mobile technology, is quickly spreading through the masses. Even the New York City Police Department is jumping on board, taking advantage of the Google Glass cameras to help fight crime.

Social Media

Happy birthday, Facebook! The social media network turned 10 on Tuesday.  Check out this TechCrunch recap of founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s open letter about his company’s anniversary.

75 percent of Twitter’s advertising revenue is mobile money. This week, the company announced its Q4 earnings and illuminated how new account signups have slowed while mobile ad revenue increased.  

There were several major changes of power within the tech industry this week. Former Google employee, Susan Wojcicki, became the new head of YouTube. Backstory: she was the woman who let the search engine’s founders work out of her garage in the company’s early days.

Other Tech News

Microsoft finally chose a new CEO! Former head of cloud computing, Satya Nadella, is focused on innovation. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next.  

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