Extend Your Online Reach with Adwords Ad Extensions

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By now, you know a few things about Pay-Per-Click Marketing and have started using Google Adwords as a part of your marketing approach. If you are looking for more ways to engage your audience through your use of Adwords, a number of AdWords tools called extensions are a great place to start.

For instance, did you know you can highlight more web pages than just the landing page? You can also show customers how many great reviews you have gotten on third party websites. You can even convince past visitors to come back to your website and pull the trigger on a contemplated purchase.

There are extensions in Adwords for all of the three above scenarios. Adwords extensions can optimize Adwords to work best for you and help your customers find what they need when they need it while giving you increased ad space and more control over your message.

Adwords Ad Extensions Are An Excellent Way To Get The Most Value Out of a Paid Search Ad. Keep in mind most ads with extensions can only appear in the top three positions on Google, above the natural results, not off to the side. This is prime real estate, so in order to utilize extensions, you may have to improve your quality score or increase your bid for your ads to become eligible for extensions.

Available Adwords Ad Extensions

  • Adwords Location Extensions
    If you have a physical location, you want customers to find you both in person and on the website. Location extensions work on both desktop and mobile platforms, displaying your closest location. On mobile, a customer searching for your business can easily click the extension and get immediate directions to your storefront through their default mapping application.
  • Adwords Call Extensions        
    It’s one thing for your ad to contain a call to action urging potential customers to call you, but it’s another for them to have a clickable call button available for one-click dialing. If call traffic is important to your business needs, this is a must-have extension.
  • Adwords Sitelinks
    Promote various pages beyond the landing page by using sitelinks for your ad. If you are a restaurant, for instance, you can have a link to your menu, “about us” section and details on your happy hour all included below your description. This is a great way to cross-promote various product offerings.
  • Adwords Google+ Social Annotations
    Is your business big on Google+? The social annotations extension shows it off once you reach 100 followers. This extension is automatically applied by Google, so there is no work needed on your behalf for it to be displayed. 
  • Seller Ratings
    A starred rating system is included next to your landing page with aggregated business rankings from a variety of reputable sources such as Yelp, Urbanspoon and more, all compiled by Google and shown with your text ad. Like social annotations, this extension is automatically applied to qualifying accounts. In order to be displayed, businesses must have more than 30 unique reviews and a rating of 3.5 or higher.
  • App Extensions
    Does your business have a mobile or tablet app? This extension allows customers to download it straight from the ad.
  • Review Extensions
    Positive past customer experiences go a long way in creating future positive customer experiences and growing your business. Reviews you submit are showcased beneath your ad.
  • Previous Visit Annotations
    Another extension automatically provided to qualifying accounts, this essentially makes past visitors think to themselves, “Oh, I’ve already visited this website 5 times. I think I’ll go ahead and buy something from them the 6th time.” This extension alerts past visitors and customers that they have done business with you or visited your site before.
  • Automatic Offer Extensions
    Google will automatically scan your ad’s text and destination URL to see if you are offering a special promotion or sale. A “View this ad’s deal” link will appear, taking customers to your landing page. Everyone loves a good deal.

Remember, even if you have opted into an extension, In order to qualify for location, call, sitelinks, app and review ad extensions, you need may need  to increase your bid or quality score to appear in the top three search results.

Bing extends user ad extensions too!

While about 2/3 of all search traffic is funneled through Google, let’s not forget about Microsoft’s Bing Ads, which also offers a robust PPC Marketing tool. Campaigns in Bing Ads can be extended with location, call and site link extensions to help increase click-through and conversion rates within its network, which also includes Yahoo.

In general, don’t be afraid to try different things

Adwords is a simple to use, yet complex and dynamic advertising tool with many different options to fit your business’ unique needs and goals. No two ads you create are alike. Not every ad will perform as you hoped, and some may end up surprising you. Feel free to experiment and find what works for you.

Interested in learning more about how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can help grow your business’ online presence and drive sales? We are an Adwords Certified Partner ready to help. Contact SteadyRain’s Online Marketing team to learn more today.