Social media has changed the way businesses interact with new and existing customers on the Web and has become a powerful marketing tool. Several industries rely heavily on word of mouth marketing to drive new customers.

Social media has transformed word of mouth, turning the traditional marketing approach into an enhanced real-time source of sharing information. It has become critically important for businesses to participate in social media and provided consumers with a way to instantly interact with the business and other consumers. Reaching new customers through social media can be done organically over time and through paid advertising.

Paid social media advertising allows business owners to quickly touch new audiences that were once out of reach because of high costs and distribution issues. The most popular form of paid social media advertising is provided by Facebook’s display advertising network.

Facebook’s advertising model functions are similar to Google’s paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Advertisers are only charged when a visitor clicks on one of their ads. Facebook display advertisements allow businesses to select a very specific, targeted audience. These audiences can be targeted by classic demographic information as well as by more advanced psychographic information such as interests.

Advanced targeting options ensure that an advertiser is only displaying ads to the audience of their choice and can reduce the overall cost of the advertising campaign.

To increase the effectiveness of Facebook advertising, social elements can be incorporated into each advertisement. For example, if a person has “Liked” your business page, your ad will show that he or she has “Liked” your page when the ad is displayed to any of his or her friends. This function of Facebook’s advertising platform has proven to be very effective, since the typical consumer is more inclined to click on the ad of a business that one of their friends has “Liked.”

Paid social media advertising is just one of many effective ways to increase your social media audience, draw customers to your website, and increase sales.

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