As Google Optimizer sunsets, Content Experiments was introduced to Google Analytics. Now available to all Google Analytics users, this amazing add-on has already undergone several updates and has started to make an impression in the Online Marketing community.

With Content Experiments, marketers are able to execute A/B tests on websites with simple set up that are focused on a singular goal.

The ability to have A/B testing integrated into Google Analytics already provides marketers the ability to continually measure and further optimize their efforts with the ultimate goal of increasing ROI.

The steps to creating an experiment:

First, define a measurable goal that can be tested on a page of your site and set up the necessary goals that coordinate with what you hope to achieve in Google Analytics.

The goals can include URL Destination Goals, Event Goals, Visit Duration Goals, Pages per Visit Goals. The page that is selected as the baseline will be labeled as the “Original” page in the experiment.

Google Experiments

Second, create variation pages of the original page. Each page needs its own URL and should have an observable difference in design. Visitors can miss small changes and therefore findings will be inconclusive. A few areas to test and examine could be the location of your calls to action, form conversions, page layout, or text on the page. Considerations will need to be implemented to ensure your SEO strategy remains in tact for this process. Don’t worry – we can help with this process.

Third, select the metrics or goals you are testing in the experiment and the percentage of visitors that will receive a variation of the original page.

Fourth, implement the tracking code on the original test page and review the experiment. You are ready to go! The dashboard will start collecting data within a few days.

Things to Remember

Experiments can run up to three (3) months, however if it is determined that one page is drastically outperforming another page, the experiment will stop early.

Although modifications can be made during the experiment, if you stop an experiment, it cannot be restarted.

Ready to launch your A/B test with Google Experiments? Let SteadyRain’s Online Marketing experts work with your team to create a strategy to improve on-site conversions and overall ROI!

Check out this great video overview from Google for more information: