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Pretty soon all non-paid search keyword data in Google Analytics will be "Not Provided." How are you planning on shifting your analytics reporting? As (not provided) has become a bigger chunk of each of our clients’ organic visits, we’ve been placing more emphasis on landing page data and conversion rates – these metrics provide a much more telling analysis of the effectiveness of an SEO campaign.

The New York Attorney General busted 19 SEO companies who used hundreds of fake online profiles to create favorable reviews for their clients. Unauthentic online reviews are just another element of black hat SEO and a big mistake in the search engine optimization world if you get caught. It’s not worth the risk. Let your customers do the talking.   


Technology News | SteadyRainHave you downloaded and installed iOS 7? Apparently, the new operating system is so secure that the NYPD are handing out flyers urging residents to make the upgrade in hopes of reducing the rate of iPhone theft.

Everyone’s talking about the takeover of mobile technology, but nothing emphasizes this trend better than a great infographic. Did you know that 80 percent of mobile time is spent in apps? Check out the visual to learn more about where mobile is headed and for insights on how to reach your target audience accordingly. 

People are going insane over the gold iPhone 5S. How insane? An unlocked phone, only worth $649, sold for $10,000 on Monday.  

Social Media

Have you ever scrolled through a thread of YouTube comments? Many are scathing. We’d say at least half are downright offensive. On Tuesday, YouTube announced the launch of a new commenting system dependent on Google Plus.  Two highlights of this update include comments rankings customized for each Google Plus user and reduction of anonymity of comments, which will, hopefully, cause a reduction in those nasty comments that don’t constructively contribute to online discussion.

Google made another update – you can now search for hashtags on the search engine. But there’s a catch: the only results you’ll get back are for hashtags used on Google Plus posts. What do you think? Will this catch on?

How much thought do you put into your Facebook posts? While it seems like a no brainer- just type up a few sentences, throw in a call-to-action and an image, maybe a link as well, an audience-engaging post takes a bit more strategy than that. To get your thought-process moving in the right direction, check out this guide to the perfect Facebook post

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