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Tech News St. LouisGoogle’s link classifications have recently evolved, and you now may incur penalties for link problems you didn’t even realize your website has. Learn more about the updates and what they mean for your company.

This week Moz released all of its report on the 2013 search engine ranking factors. Check it out for a gold mine of SEO and content marketing insights, including information on social correlations and the future of search.

Sometimes pay-per-click ads can run away from you. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend more to increase ad clicks. Learn more about downsizing your PPC budget without sacrificing clicks and possibly even gaining better visitors who are more likely to convert.  


Newer doesn’t always mean better. Check out this video of every model of the iPhone undergoing speed tests side-by-side. How some versions compare to others may surprise you.

Content Marketing

Your blogs shouldn’t die a few days after you publish them. First of all, online content should continue to bring visitors to your site through organic search. Second of all, your posts can continue to draw in your target audience through social media. Don’t just focus on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, though. Check out this list of 30 avenues for blog promotion to get the most out of all of the content you write.

Social Media

Want to get more involved in the online conversations your target audiences participate in but are unsure of where to start? Learn more about developing your network on social media and connecting with these audiences on their level.

Web Design & Development

When designing a website, yes, visual impact plays a key role in its success. However, visitor engagement doesn’t increase just because of pretty images and colors – strategic user interface influences a visitor’s every move. The best web designs are built with the user in mind, with numbers and analytics supporting how and why they act as they do. To learn more, check out these Smashing Magazine posts on designing with data in mind and how to conduct user research.

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