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SteadyRain’s Digital Hero Project is a direct expression of our company purpose that our employee-owners are heroes who should use their digital powers for the benefit of others and the benefit of our communities.

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What is the Digital Hero Project?

SteadyRain wants to, actively, use our abilities as digital strategists, user experience designers, full stack developers and digital marketing consultants to serve those who need it most. The Digital Hero Project is the program name we have given to this mission. That mission: To seek out ways to help people and organizations achieve digital initiatives no matter how limited their timelines, abilities or budgets may be in cases where the many can benefit from the work of a few. We execute these Digital Hero Projects by working closely with participants to devise creative solutions to deliver solutions through pro bono effort, working at discounted rates, donating time and expertise to the right initiative and/or creating long-term financing opportunities for solutions. We believe, as a company, that giving back in this way is good for our company, our employee-owners and those we help.

How Does the Program Work?

SteadyRain can only support a limited number of Digital Hero Projects each year, so we ask that interested persons submit a request to be considered for participation in the program. There are not a fixed number of projects each year and there is no specific selection period, so a submission can be made at any time. All we ask is for you to provide the name of your organization (if applicable), a bit about what you do and a short summary of the help you need. Our team reviews all submissions and will likely request a follow up conversation to learn more about the need and how it benefits others. Then our team will review and provide an approach on how we can help. Again, there are a limited number of Digital Hero Project opportunities each year, but do not hesitate to submit. As a team, we want to help as many people as we can . . . so be sure to submit today!

Who Can Join the Program?

Anyone can submit a request to be considered for the program, but we focus on individual and organizations in need who are working to benefit others. As you can see from our Class List of program alumni below, we have helped individuals and organizations large and small: they include charity organizations, not-for-profit institutions, innovative start-ups, small businesses or, simply, businesses who are important to our communities that have real and acute needs. Ultimately, if you have a problem...if no one else can help…and you have found this message…we want to hear from you.

Companies & Organizations We’ve Helped


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