Cut Costs With Mobile Apps

Smartphones are no longer just mainstream. These devices have become an extension of their owners, a tool they count on daily. Because of this shift in device dependence, mobile apps for business are becoming more common. Users are employing their mobile devices for more than just games, social networking and email. They now expect to conduct business on their mobile devices. The demand for B2B apps is higher than ever.

Through strategic mobile apps for business, B2B marketers can reach their target audiences and personalize data delivery. By focusing on utility, business apps allow a company to grow its business and engage end users, saving time and money while enhancing its mobile reach.

There are four major types of B2B apps:

  • Data collection business apps (i.e. form submissions)
  • Data processing business apps (i.e. document review)
  • Data generation business apps (i.e. price quotations)
  • Data analysis business apps (i.e. sales reports)

B2B apps built with these types of data functionality deliver a custom experience, driving audience interaction.

In order to deliver a truly interactive mobile experience that achieves specific business objectives, you need a plan before development starts. Our mobile strategy team always starts the process of building B2B apps with a consulting engagement to discuss concrete goals as well as target audience needs and triggers.

With these insights, our team designs wireframes, outlining the flow of business apps, content placement and calls-to-action to entice and engage users. By strategizing the profile of mobile apps for business before starting to build the solution, we help our clients cut development costs and increase project efficiency.

Your target audiences don’t all use the same device. Therefore your B2B apps shouldn’t be built on just one platform or for one device type. Our mobile development team has ample experience with every mobile operating system as well as with various types of cross-platform deployment services, such as Xamarin and Phonegap.

After assessing a clients’ audience needs, we determine the best course of action for their business apps and begin cross-platform development. Following this process, we complete rigorous app testing on multiple platforms and devices to eliminate post-launch issues and enhance the overall user experience.

Of course, B2B apps are never truly finished. Following development completion, SteadyRain continues to provide support to clients and their business apps providing technical support and needed upgrades. If new app functionality becomes available, our mobile strategy team develops a seamless process to update the overall solution for users.

We also help our clients with business apps navigate the inevitable updates to various platforms and operating systems and plan accordingly. This ensures our B2B apps remains competitive throughout their lifetime, creating opportunities for increased brand loyalty.

Reporting on the success of mobile apps for business is only getting easier. Our mobile strategy team can help you track individual users, time on app, screen visits, conversions and more.

Using these insights, our development team can then determine if enhanced functionality and user capabilities are needed. We can even provide A/B testing to determine the features of B2B apps your target audiences enjoy most.

Provide your prospective and existing customers with a custom mobile experience with strategic mobile apps for business. Contact our mobile development team today to start building targeted utility business apps built to specifically address your company’s needs.

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