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SteadyRain Launches Redesigned Web Solution for Washington University Physicians

Sep 14, 2015

SteadyRain, award-winning St. Louis-based digital strategy, web design, mobile development and digital marketing agency, announces the launch of a redesigned web solution for Washington University Physicians.

SteadyRain partnered with Washington University Physicians to do a complete redesign of their current marketing website to provide a modern mobile responsive design, in addition to creating an online Directory of Physicians that can be easily managed through the DNN Platform Content Management System.

Through a comprehensive digital strategy consulting process, the two teams worked together to develop a digital strategy aligned with the organization's business objectives. By determining goals, outlining audiences and understanding how each patient searches for or requests information, both teams paved a clear path for digital success by creating a new user interface and developing a custom application that manages and displays information about the physicians.

Two major components of the Washington University Physicians’ are an Advanced Search feature for patients and a custom Administration Tool for internal physician management.

The Advanced Search feature allows potential patients to search for physicians based on a variety of attributes such as specialties, language spoken, and gender. Results generated through the use of this feature leverage DNN Taxonomy and a custom API built by SteadyRain for returning PubMed articles based each physician’s PubMed ID. This custom functionality provides patients with an up-to-date, information-rich experience and empowers them to select the best physician for their medical needs.

To accompany the robust Advanced Search tool, SteadyRain developed an Administration Tool that allows the organization’s web content managers to manage and easily update physician information, ensuring that the physician bios stay up-to-date and accurate while saving valuable time and resources.

To complement the new web solution, SteadyRain created a data feed that integrates with the existing kiosk solution to populate lobby kiosks in the Center for Advanced Medicine with the physician data now available on the website. This innovative cross-platform information-sharing technology provides Washington University Physicians with a convenient way to maintain their physician information while granting their current and future patients easy access, both online and in-person at lobby kiosks, to consistent, up-to-date information about the physicians.

“By providing a dynamic strategy that is guided by patient and referring physician needs, we have developed a mobile responsive website solution that provides up-to-date information for all physicians that are part of the Washington University Physicians organization. The site also provides specific information related to the wide range of medical Specialties that are offered,” said Matt Ocello, SteadyRain Senior Digital Strategist. “We are very excited to be part of this project as it clearly demonstrates SteadyRain’s knowledge and capabilities within the healthcare industry.”

View the enhanced web solution for Washington University Physicians.

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SteadyRain is St. Louis-based digital strategy, design, development and digital marketing agency that works closely with each of its clients to create unique and profitable digital strategies through consulting, strategic planning, website design and development, digital marketing campaign planning and execution, and web application development. SteadyRain has been helping businesses and organizations develop their digital strategies, increase revenue, and decrease costs since 1999.

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