Every morning, millions of people do the same thing.

They wake up to their alarm… and check in with their social networks. Often without even leaving their beds.

Social media marketing is no longer the marketing du jour or the “trend to watch.” It’s an established channel of media that has the power to create new customers, connections and awareness in an organic, engaging way.

Businesses can no longer get by with simply having a Social Media Intern “run” their Facebook and Twitter. There’s simply too much noise. And the competition has risen above that level.

A strong social media strategy and presence requires a strong foundation. A strategy. A road map.

Be the first thing your customer thinks of in the morning. Get in their head and stay there by building a relationship through an intimate digital channel.

SteadyRain’s team of Digital Marketing Specialists craft compelling social media strategies that engage, excite and convert followers to fans and most importantly, to customers. We also provide social media management services to execute the strategy and integrate it with an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Our strategy is simple: Evaluate the opportunity, grow the community, integrate your efforts and control the conversation.

Our goal? To build a strong online presence by integrating social media into a robust digital marketing strategy.

Are you ready to begin leveraging social media marketing for your brand?

They say at the core of every great conversationalist is an even better listener.

When it comes to social media strategy, SteadyRain’s approach is to listen first. Then listen more. And listen again.

And then, once we’ve listened and observed enough, to create a strategy that speaks back. In the language your customers know and use, on the channels they prefer and at the times they’re ready to listen.

In the evaluation portion of our social media strategy consulting, we provide a detailed analysis of your competitors, take stock of your current digital marketing tactics and search engine optimization strategy, and create prototypes of your customers and their behavior online.

At the onset of each Social Media Strategy Consulting Engagement, our team provides the client with an in-depth evaluation of their industry on social media.

We identify the primary players, dissect the effectiveness of their strategies and create prototypes of the individuals that are talking about the topics related to their business.

Then, we provide an analysis of the opportunity network by network, with specific messaging strategies for each, based on the conversations that are already taking place on that network. We advise clients on which networks to leverage and which to avoid. And we provide insight into gaining the attention and affection of the customers using those networks.

Your business wouldn’t exist if there weren’t people seeking your services. Yearning for your wares. Searching for something that only you can offer.

Maybe you’ve already done the work to build a thriving following offline. Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve already got a raging fan base on the Internet but just don’t know how to rev them up to close more sales.

Strategic community building is at the core of SteadyRain’s social media consulting and social media management services. As a part of our social media strategy consulting engagements, we provide ideas and action steps to take to bring your offline community to your online space and to keep them coming back for more.

From in-store signage to full integration of your social media marketing efforts into your company collateral, communications and online presence, we teach you how to transition every customer into a fan or follower, allowing you to benefit from repeat business.

Social media done well is a two-way conversation. It’s your fans talking about you, advocating for you and sharing their love for your business with their friends and families.

Leverage SteadyRain’s expertise to build your social media community. Call us to get started today.

It’s not always about what you say.

Often, it’s about HOW you say it.

An effective social media strategy requires three things of your marketing team:

  1. That your space communicates what you’re about clearly and effectively.
  2. That you start the conversation.
  3. And that you know how to keep it going.

As a part of our social media marketing consulting, we provide guidance around these three things first by fully optimizing each of your social media properties. We craft the perfect “About Us” and show you how to use your social profiles to effectively control your search engine results set.

Then, we craft an on-brand messaging strategy, grouping messages and objectives with strategies that engage and delight customers while developing a personality for your brand and carrying a cohesive tone through your messaging.

Finally, we play the game of “what if?” What if an angry customer comments on your Facebook photo? What if an employee mistakenly posts from your account? What if another company hijacks your hashtag? From there, we help develop a strategy for response that maintains your company’s voice and makes it possible for you to carry on.

Contact SteadyRain to start building your social media messaging strategy today.

One of the most powerful ways to leverage online marketing is by integrating your tactics to create a cohesive, rock-solid message for users.

When working with social media clients, SteadyRain believes in tailoring all online marketing work to benefit the brand’s owned properties, considering the impact of SEO, paid advertising and social efforts as a collective whole, rather than individual tactics.

This helps clients to develop and grow content on their own websites, which provides a longer life cycle and has the potential to continue bringing new customers to their business through social and content marketing efforts.

If you haven’t started integrating your Social Media Marketing into your overall marketing plan and online presence, you’re already missing out on the conversion potential with your core customers.

Partner with SteadyRain to catch you up and execute on a strategy that evaluates the opportunity, grows the community and controls the conversation.


A great social media campaign starts with a strategic approach.

Let's get started.

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