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Experienced Android Development

As more companies shift to providing their target audiences with opportunities to connect on mobile, the need for an experienced Android developer grows. Our team uses its years of programming experience to build mobile application solutions that take brands to the next level in connecting with target audiences.

We focus on solutions aligning crucial business-specific goals with Android development strategies. This helps clients take a big first step in increasing brand engagement and, ultimately, revenue for their companies.

The SteadyRain Android development team has experience building marketing and enterprise mobile applications for businesses in the manufacturing, banking, environmental safety, health care and tourism industries. We’d love to hear about your next project. Contact our team today.


We start every Android development project with a focus on building a solid foundation with effective mobile strategy. Our team starts by outlining our clients’ specific business objectives, target audience needs and necessary mobile functionality to build an efficient development plan. This road map for success, paired with agile Android development, helps our clients save money on their mobile application projects.

Partner with an Android developer who focuses on your specific needs. Give SteadyRain a call to discuss your mobile application idea today.

UX Design

Design is crucial for mobile. Mobile users won’t put up with an application that is difficult to navigate, and they won’t dedicate valuable space on their devices for one that doesn’t fit their specific needs. Our team focuses on Android development and design featuring intuitive application structure, refreshing display of content and non-invasive notifications to keep them coming back for more. We highlight your brand elements in a way that entices users to stay in the app and interact with content for longer periods of time.

For an Android developer who doesn’t sacrifice great design for effective functionality, contact SteadyRain team today.

Cloud Connection

“The Cloud” may seem like a fancy buzzword, but in reality, applications housed there are more efficiently built and managed. Need a quick update? It can be made from one location and deployed to your company’s mobile application on every device with a simple update notification to your users. Cloud-based Android development also allows companies to track how their applications are used, providing valuable data for enhancements down the road.

Our Android development team has years of experience deploying applications to the cloud and helping our clients manage their mobile resources there. Contact us to learn more about how we can use this technology to strengthen your Android application idea today.


Just because successful mobile applications focus on taking up as little data on a device as possible doesn’t mean extensive functionality has to be sacrificed. With cloud technology, entire databases of information can be available from a lean mobile application. Do you need to display your products or list hundreds of events? Our Android development team can organize the information and build an application with intuitive filtering and search functionality.

Your website and mobile solution should work together, not sell one another short. Put your databases of information to good use for your users by giving it to them in a mobile application. Contact an experienced Android developer to learn more today.


Our job doesn’t end after a mobile application is built. We work with our clients to outline a deployment plan, including efficient testing methods, application marketing efforts, effective store placement and ranking strategies. Our Android development team ensures our clients’ mobile applications work on every device and don’t sit untouched in the app store after a successful launch.

Learn more about how working with an experienced Android developer can enhance the lifetime of your application. Contact SteadyRain today.

Cross-Platform Development

Unless you’re sure all of your target audiences use primarily Android devices, deploying to other operating systems is part of a sound mobile strategy. Our team also includes iOS developers who create iPhone and iPad-compatible applications for our clients. This maximizes their audience opportunities and increases brand engagement across devices.

Learn more about our team’s experienced iOS development, and contact us today to talk with a mobile strategist about your platform needs.


Grow your business with a strategic mobile application. Contact SteadyRain for experienced Android development today. We’d love to hear about your idea to connect with audiences on mobile devices and provide advice on how to take it to the next level.