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Bluetooth Development

Today, most of the World's population uses a mobile phone to access the Internet. Smartphones are no longer just used to make calls or simple online browsing. As more and more consumers are integrating mobile technology into their everyday lives, businesses are finding new ways to use Bluetooth development to their advantage and seamlessly connect with target audiences.

Our Bluetooth and NFC development team helps turn this vision into reality by using our knowledge of and the technology to build powerful mobile applications in iOS and Android for our clients. As an experienced Bluetooth developer, we build enterprise-level mobile applications, connecting all kinds of products to mobile hardware, expanding the reach of our clients’ marketing and messaging and support.

Our Bluetooth development team helps clients to jump into the world of the Internet of Things.


Before jumping into Bluetooth development, our team always sits down with clients to have a formal conversation about aligning application functionality with specific business goals. Through this partnership for effective strategy, we outline objectives, target audience needs, ideal user experience and technology requirements.

With this blueprint in hand, our Bluetooth development can move forward quickly and efficiently with minimal costly scope changes interrupting the process. We focus on providing an effective, business-generating mobile application on an expedited timeline.

We’d love to hear about your idea for a mobile solution. Contact SteadyRain to speak with an experienced Bluetooth and NFC developer today.

Our Bluetooth development team helps clients to jump into the world of the Internet of Things.


Quickly becoming a household term, Bluetooth refers to the wireless communication technology that allows smartphones and tablets to talk to other devices within a minimal distance. This allows enabled hardware, such as an iPhone, to control specific appliances and tools, such as a wireless speaker or appliance. Other connected technology has followed on its heels. iBeacon, an Apple technology, for example, allows companies to send push notifications to users. Popular uses include in-store retail marketing, alerting prospective customers of sales or requesting they share their location online for a digital coupon.

Our Bluetooth development team has years of experience working with these technologies to build powerful, business-generating applications. We’ve worked with clients to connect their products to mobile devices with a powerful solution, either increasing employee efficiency or enhancing target audience interaction, depending on the client’s specific business goal.

Contact an experienced Bluetooth developer to learn more about our enterprise mobile solutions.


Near-Field Communication (NFC) refers to a technology similar to Bluetooth with two major differences – the freedom from device pairing and distance limitations. An NFC-enabled device does not need to launch an application to work. However, it must be within 10 cm of its target for accurate communication. Therefore, NFC works best with simple targets and functionality, such as key fobs, stickers and tags. However, its capabilities are quickly expanding. PayPass, for example, uses NFC technology for quick and efficient payment.

Our NFC development team has years of experience working with the technology to enhance our clients’ products and overall interaction with key audiences. We focus on providing clients with a strategic NFC mobile solution to create a competitive advantage in their marketplaces and generate a new source of revenue.

Contact a SteadyRain NFC developer to learn more about how we’ve connected clients to the mobile world through the development of enterprise-level mobile solutions.

Internet of Things

Internet no longer exists in your computer or on your mobile phone. Together, communication technologies, including Bluetooth and NFC, make up the growing trend of the Internet of Things (IoT). More appliances and devices are connected every day, and our Bluetooth and NFC development team is keeping pace with innovative solutions for smartphones and tablets.

Our team helps clients pair their products, including appliances and other devices, to increase key audience interaction on the mobile devices they enjoy most. We work with manufacturers to build a more powerful device that integrates with smartphones and tablets. Contact an experienced Bluetooth and NFC developer today to learn more about how our mobile applications have helped clients increase internal efficiency and generate more revenue.

Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by working with our Bluetooth development team to build a powerful enterprise mobile solution for your business.