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In the rapidly expanding world of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile business, more companies are seeking enterprise application development to allow employees to work from tablets and smartphones. Enterprise mobility allows internal teams to collaborate while on-the-go, increasing employee productivity and improving employee processes.

By supporting an increasingly mobile workforce, businesses can stay ahead of their competition. We’d love to hear your idea on how an iOS or Android mobile solution can help you reach your business goals, contact a developer with experienced in enterprise mobility today.

Our Enterprise Application Development Process:


The SteadyRain enterprise mobility team works with clients to strategize, build, deploy and manage efficient applications focused on specific business goals.

By starting with a comprehensive consulting engagement with clients, we outline the most important functionality and user interface needs before enterprise mobile application development begins. Using these insights, our team then builds blueprints for the solution with wireframes.

Making these decisions through our unique consulting process before starting development allows our enterprise mobility team to minimize costly changes halfway through the project, saving clients time and money.

Data Security

Our clients benefit from enterprise application development configured specifically for their internal business systems to minimize deployment issues, eliminate additional employee training needs and decrease development costs.

A large portion of our enterprise mobility experience focuses on strengthening the security of these systems to protect proprietary data on mobile platforms. Our team establishes a secure mobile network and provides a variety of data storage options based on client needs to ensure maximum data protection.

Following core enterprise app development, we complete extensive testing, specifically looking for security holes in the system, keeping client proprietary data security in the forefront of our minds. System security is our first priority. During this process we also record how the application effects device battery life, differences in experience caused by network range, firewall access bugs, dropped sessions and more.

Before deployment, our team helps clients develop a comprehensive security policy to protect internal data and helps outline documentation to educate employees on best practices.

We’d love to discuss our best practices further with you. Contact our experienced enterprise mobility team today.

Engaging UI

Design is just as important for enterprise mobility as it is with consumer-facing applications. If the finished solution doesn’t engage employees, it’s useless. Our development team focuses on engaging, branded designs for each client to promote employee interaction. We take complicated business systems and transform them into simple, easy-to-use enterprise applications to increase employee productivity and engagement.

Following deployment, our enterprise application development team explores user interaction data through application analytics. By tracking how employees navigate the enterprise application, we can determine and prioritize updates to further enhance the mobile experience and increase employee productivity.

Before deployment, our team helps clients develop a comprehensive security policy to protect internal data and helps outline documentation to educate employees on best practices.


Because employees prefer a variety of devices, our development team focuses on efficient enterprise application development for deployment on multiple platforms and devices. Therefore end users can utilize their preferred devices without sacrificing the ideal experience within the application. This allows users to switch between devices, from tablet to smartphone for example.

Custom Add-Ons

To enhance the employee experience, we also offer the option of building a base enterprise application with add-on applications for specific internal teams and/or departments. This allows the solution to move more quickly and provides an even more customized experience for employees based on their specific business system needs. To streamline this process, our enterprise application development team builds an employee-specific application store from which employees can download the solution directly to their devices.

To learn more about our experience in empowering companies with enterprise mobility, contact our team today.