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Mobile Marketing

34 percent of American adults own a tablet device.

The typical American spends two hours on their mobile devices each day.

Most likely, your target audiences have one, if not two or three, mobile devices. How are you reaching them? Is mobile marketing part of your overall marketing approach?

Strategic mobile marketing allows brands reach and connect with existing and potential customers on the devices they use most. Because mobile users are constantly connected, brands have a unique and exciting opportunity to reach target audiences pretty much whenever they want.

All your brand needs is a strong strategy built on personalization, usefulness and innovation – our mobile marketing services provide this.

Mobile Optimization

70 percent of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour.

More searches are being completed on mobile devices by users on the go. They want information immediately, and they’re not going to wait until they get home to their desktop computers to find it. This audience is why mobile marketing should not be left out of your marketing plans.

When consumers search for your products and services from their phone, does your website come up in the results? If not, our mobile marketing services can get you there.

Because SteadyRain is a full service agency, we have an experienced online marketing team at our disposal. These experts work with our mobile team to build conversion-focused mobile marketing campaigns for clients through mobile-specific search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click services.

Don’t miss out on that 70 percent of conversions following a mobile search. Partner with our mobile strategy and online marketing teams to build a successful mobile marketing strategy today.

In-App Advertising

Consumers love their apps. Even better – most settle for the freemium, ad-infused ones, offering an opportunity for marketers.

In-app advertising is a mobile marketing strategy that allows brands to target audiences incredibly specifically – down to their interests, location and conversion-optimal time slots – with relevant content.

Research shows that because of the nature of these interactive and useful ads, they achieve an average user engagement is 20 percent and a 2,000 percent higher click-through-rate.

These exciting mobile marketing trends suggest mobile marketing services should be on your company’s “must-have” list this year.

Our mobile marketing services start with a consulting engagement to learn more about our clients’ target audiences and the types of apps they enjoy the most. We build upon this database of applications by leveraging our design and online marketing teams to work together to build visually-appealing, compelling mobile ads.

We negotiate directly with the application administrators and advertising networks so that our clients get the best price and most conversion opportunities possible. Following launch of each mobile marketing campaign, we carefully monitor ad performance.

The transparent reporting we provide our mobile marketing clients and dedication to open communication ensures clients understand how their money is being spent and how it benefits their brand.

Ready to take advantage of our mobile marketing services? Contact our mobile strategy team today to learn more about the types of apps your target audiences use the most, and how we can help put your brand in front of them.

In-Game Advertising

What’s your mobile game addiction? Don’t you hate those ads that make you pause and stare at them until you can move onto your next round? So annoying.

They work.

Considering their low cost and high number of impressions, in-game ads have become one of the hottest mobile marketing trends for advertisers, and many brands achieve a very successful return on investment through these ads.

To help our clients leverage these opportunities, our mobile strategy team builds an effective in-game advertising strategy as part of our mobile marketing services. We first focus on the specific target audiences and build a database of the types of games they are likely to play the most. We then build conversion-focused and highly visual mobile ads with the help of our online marketing and design teams.

48 million Americans play games on mobile devices. That’s a pretty big audience. Want to grab their attention? Contact our mobile strategy team to get started with our mobile marketing services today.

Push Notifications

Very few mobile applications are opened on a regular basis once downloaded. It’s a legitimate fear for brands.

Push notifications have changed the game:

"Your favorite team just won. Check out game highlights."
"Don’t forget to try and beat your high score today."
"You’re only a half mile from your favorite smoothie shop. Need directions?"
"Today only, 40% off those shoes left in your cart."

These engaging and useful messages allow brands to maintain a relationship with their target audiences.

Our mobile strategy team works with clients to outline an engaging – but not annoying – push notification schedule that maintains the brand conversation and significantly increases opportunities for conversion from a mobile device. That’s powerful mobile marketing.

Contact us today to start building personal relationships with your target audiences by adding an innovative push notification strategy to your mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile technology is expanding. Rapidly. What is your business doing to leverage these mobile marketing trends?