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Tablet Development

As the variety of consumer tablets continues to grow, SteadyRain emphasizes the importance of starting Android and iOS app development with a strategic consulting process to outline mobile business goals and specific target audiences for each platform. By building wireframes and road maps with user case scenarios for various functionalities and designs, our team focuses on enhanced user experience and eliminates costly redesigns. 

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Because SteadyRain outlines all design and functionality specifications during the consulting process, a quick and efficient development process follows wireframe documentation, cutting overall project costs. Our iOS and Android application development team starts the testing process for each device type, ensuring quality user experience on a variety of tablets. A beta launch usually follows, allowing a small group of our client’s target audience to interact with the application and providing the SteadyRain team with additional insights on their preferred user experience. SteadyRain further enhances the application before its public launch.

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Our iOS and Android application development team utilizes its experience with the marketplace submission process to streamline your application’s success. SteadyRain even provides consulting around marketing the application once live in the store to ensure it reaches intended audiences.

Instead up jumping directly into the Android and iOS app development process, SteadyRain focuses on specific business and target audience needs for our clients. By providing strategy and valuable insights for each stop of the process, SteadyRain’s app development team ensures it delivers a successful tablet solution.