SharePoint 2013 Bootcamp

Free One-day Course on Upgrading and Deploying SharePoint 2013

Audience: All SharePoint Users

Duration: 1 day, 9am - 5pm, Currently Scheduled for August 27, 2013 

Prerequisites: None

Course Description: Come learn everything you need to know about planning and executing an upgrade to SharePoint 2013. Taught by one of only 31 Microsoft Certified Solutions Masters in the U.S., this day-long, in depth course will cover such topics as:

  1. Planning for the changing requirements in SharePoint 2013
  2. Cleaning up an existing SharePoint 2010 deployment
  3. Troubleshooting Upgrade Failures
  4. Minimizing Upgrade Down Time
  5. Managing Customizations
  6. Enabling New SharePoint 2013 Features Post-Upgrade 

We’ll go to depth on the internals of the SharePoint upgrade process, so you’ll walk away not only understanding how best to plan and execute your own upgrades, but also how upgrade works “under the covers”. Not only that, we’ll show you the quickest paths to enabling the banner SharePoint 2013 features for your end users, so you deliver the maximum amount of new-feature value with your upgrade project!

Lunch will be provided for all attendees, free of charge. 

Seating is limited! Register Now!