Innovative Web Solutions

Through continued, focused strategic consulting engagements across many economic sectors and industry verticals, SteadyRain has developed key vertical website solutions that address very specific industry challenges. These have been assigned to its Spark solutions line of service products, as this is exactly what they do for ideas and innovation within the organizations that adopt them.

As a targeted point solutions build around a specific web content management (WCM) system, each Spark online solution is uniquely architected and engineered to provide a feature set specific to a specific type of organization. This helps SteadyRain clients increase business efficiency and gain a competitive advantage within their markets. Initial Spark offerings are specific to verticals where the firm has a tremendous amount of experience – specifically, education, community and tourism.
Spark:Community Spark:Enrollment Spark:Tourism
Solution Focus: Solution Focus: Solution Focus:

Membership organizations searching for a comprehensive CMS with directory features.

Educational Institutions seeking an online database and website management system to connect its campuses and application system.

Convention and Visitors organizations seeking a cost-effective web solution.

Features include:
  • Web and Responsive Mobile Design
  • Self-Managed Member Profiles
  • Searchable Member Database
Features include:
  • Web and Responsive Mobile Design
  • Connected Campuses
  • Online Application System
  • CRM Integration
  • Centralized Event Calendars
  • Educational Program Database
  • Course Availability System
  • Room Reservation Database
Features include:
  • Web and Responsive Mobile Design
  • Member Organization Listings
  • Event Lists
  • Advertising/Banner Management
  • COMING SOON: Member Listing Tools & Approval Processes

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