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Recruiting Strategies for a Digital World

Hiring in today's economy is challenging. The National Employment Rate is at historically low levels, leading to an all-time high in job openings. Worse, many industries are finding that available candidates don't have the necessary skills. As a result, businesses in all industries are competing for a shrinking pool of candidates, making it nearly impossible to find enough qualified workers.

Posting a job opening online and waiting for resumes to flood your inbox is no longer a winning strategy. Companies need to get creative in their efforts to attract works by meeting them were they're at today - not in the newspaper, radio, TV or billboards, but online.  

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Creating a Winning Digital Recruitment Strategy

SteadyRain creates digital recruitment programs for businesses that are looking for ways to bring their candidate sourcing strategy to the next level. SteadyRain's Strategic Digital Recruiting Solution boosts the visibility of our clients' employer brand by reaching active and passive candidates with content that connects. We work with our clients to create customized strategies that drive candidate interest and employment application submissions.

SteadyRain's Digital Recruiting Solution

SteadyRain develops a customized digital recruiting strategy based on a company's unique hiring goals, industry dynamics, and preferred technology solutions. A typical SteadyRain digital recruitment program will include the following core elements to solve key hiring challenges:

  • Goal Setting & Measurement Framework Development
  • Competitive Research
  • Target Candidate Research
  • Content Strategy Recommendations
  • Job Web Posting Analysis & Optimization
  • Digital Channel Recommendations
  • Paid Advertising Strategy & Campaign Management
In the end, our clients have more great employees—and more understanding of which tactics bring quality job candidates to their business.

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SteadyRain can help your business put together a complete recruiting strategy to solve your most difficult talent acquisition challenges. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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