A Powerful Member-based Organization CMS Solution

Developed specifically for membership organizations, Spark:Community provides groups such as chambers of commerce, business growth associations and more the abilities to manage their digital resources with a powerful content management system and industry-specific tools. The solution not only cost-effectively bundles the features organizational groups need most but also includes visual customization for branding purposes. Spark:Community is built responsively, ready for audiences on all devices, helping groups expand their reach online. The solution streamlines enhanced website management, allowing marketing teams to focus on more important marketing strategy details.

Powerful Content Management System

To function as a strategic resource for members, every organizational group needs a strong website. Spark:Community serves as the framework for these groups' specific needs but is then customized with branded visuals.  The solution offers page by page management, allowing organizations to update and add information as often as they need, easily and efficiently. 

Self-managed Member Profiles

Spark:Community not only provides unique profile features, it also allows the members to directly login, create and update their information themselves, relieving the organization's team of these content management duties. To ensure this process runs smoothly, the solutions provides the option of an approval process, should the client need it. 

Searchable Member Directory

Every organizational group can benefit from a directory of its members. Members or potential members interested in learning more about the organization can search through this database with queries based on name, title, location, activity and other profile information. Spark:Community also allows for a hierachy of profile content. Board members, for example, can have additional content areas to provide useful information to other current and potential organization members. 

Give your members the tools and resources they need, all in one, cost-effective solution. Contact SteadyRain to learn more about Spark:Community today.


Give your members the tools they need to build up your organization with Spark:Community.

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