Comprehensive CMS User Training

SteadyRain continues to support its clients after CMS implementation. Our team focuses on providing extensive training for internal content managers and website administrators to ensure they properly understand all CMS tools and how to effectively utilize them to achieve specific business goals. This cost-effective training enhances target audience engagement and reduces the need for additional digital management resources, saving clients time and money while increasing opportunities for online conversions and goal achievement. 

Learn more about custom CMS training for the following two CMS platforms:

DNN Evoq Content Training Orchard CMS Training

  • Page management
  • User account roles and permissions
  • Page redirects
  • Navigation management
  • Site settings
  • Online visitor tracking
  • DNN skin production and design
  • Dynamic form development
  • Portal management
  • Module development
  • Copy and reference modules
  • Page and content management
  • Site setting management
  • Event viewership reporting
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Orchard design
  • Installation management
  • Custom shape development
  • Form creation
  • User account management

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Effective use of your CMS results in a stronger digital solution.

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