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Build-A-Bear Workshop needed a strategic SEO partner that could provide SEO strategy to improve online revenue.

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During a continued decline in organic search traffic and revenue generated through organic search, Build-A-Bear Workshop needed a strategic SEO partner that could provide a clear and actionable SEO strategy to improve online revenue through organic search.


As a result of an in-depth discovery phase, SteadyRain provided Build-A-Bear Workshop with a comprehensive SEO Site Analysis, which provided a detailed outline of those areas most affected by organic search and recommendations on how to improve search engine visibility. SteadyRain has continued to provide Build-A-Bear Workshop with SEO strategy and campaign management with a focus on increasing qualified organic web traffic directed specifically toward product pages within the E-commerce website. As a strategic partner, SteadyRain also provided Build-A-Bear Workshop with an SEO transition strategy as they integrated their entire catalog into a new E-commerce data management platform. SteadyRain provided an SEO strategy to ensure that the newly launched website would not lose value in search engines and/or lose organic search traffic which are extremely common whenever a business launches a new website.


Through SteadyRain’s recommendations and strategy implementation, the Build-A-Bear Workshop website was transitioned successfully and went on to experience an 20% increase in revenue generated through organic search traffic compared to the same quarter the previous year. SteadyRain continues to improve the organic search visibility of the Build-A-Bear Workshop website through active content optimization, strategy development and implementation, and integration with other vendors to meet the growing demands of the online retail industry.

Services Used

Strategic Planning

Use digital planning to build projects over time and ensure success on your schedule.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO helps customers near you find your products and services. SteadyRain's SEO experts can provide a comprehensive local digital marketing solution.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing will helps you stand out when it's most important. Our paid search experts will create a comprehensive campaign tailored to your goals.

Paid Social Marketing

Use social media ads to target the right audience for your business. SteadyRain crafts compelling social media strategies that convert followers to fans

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will help your business attract qualified leads. Create a B2B or B2C search engine optimization strategy with SteadyRain.

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