Plan Ahead with Information Architecture Design

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture refers to the planning and organizing of structure for websites, software and other online resources to enhance user experience. The process includes navigational strategy, menu organization and content labeling. All these elements are executed while maintaining a target audience-focused and visually-appealing design. 

Successful information architecture helps a visitor find the information they seek quickly and effectively.

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Increase Revenue with Website Information Design

SteadyRain’s website information design goes beyond the simple idea of good navigation. Our approach provides much more detail based on the identification of key audiences and their needs. We believe that a successful website should function much like a book with the homepage serving as the cover, table of contents and index, helping visitors understand how to navigate to find what they need.  Strategic information architecture makes the content a visitor needs easy to find and easy to enjoy.

Our process begins by working with clients to uncover insights about their business's target audiences. We then apply this knowledge to our website information architecture planning process, all while maintaining focus on specific business goals. By outlining case scenarios, potential operational process and other end-user decisions before the development of a website begins, we eliminate costly mistakes.

Avoid costly mistakes during the development phase of your web project by working with SteadyRain strategists to create a detailed plan first.

At the end of the SteadyRain website information design process, clients receive a portfolio of knowledge that includes the following documents:

  • Website Navigation Strategy
  • Website Conversion Strategies, including outlined calls-to-action and audience triggers
  • Sustaining and Supporting Page Strategies
  • Landing Page Strategies
  • Technical site map(s)
  • Website Solution Descriptions
  • Visual Wire Frame(s)/Schematics of Page-by-Page User Experience
  • Technical Requirement Documentation for Project Implementation
  • Required Related Software or Hardware

This detailed road map and scope of work prioritizes the client's needs in the web development process and separates the work into manageable phases created with the project budget in mind.

Increase online conversions and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by effectively reaching your target audiences with strategic website information architecture.

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