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Building Digital Strategy for St. Louis Startups

In October 2014, SteadyRain officially partnered as a Strategic Sponsor with T-Rex, a start-up incubator housing the best and brightest entrepreneurs in St. Louis. By becoming a sponsor of its newly-renovated fifth floor welcome and collaboration space, we support the organization’s expansion throughout the Lammert Building and their influence on the startup community in St. Louis as a whole. SteadyRain has committed to supporting the T-Rex mission and their members beyond our sponsorship; we regularly staff the SteadyRain collaboration space on the fifth floor to be available and accessible for companies in the center seeking advice on how to develop their technology with strong foundations for the future and how to promote their products and services online.

This isn’t a new mission for SteadyRain, though. Our team has focused on helping young startups become thriving companies with supporting technology solutions for years. Our sister company, FoundElement, has served as an investment and product development partner for startups to get many entrepreneurs from a great idea to a success, tech-related business venture.

In Neil Patel’s outline of the “Five Marketing Must-Haves of a Start-up,” he lists innovative web design, a solid social strategy and content marketing. Why not have the same agency help you with all three of these aspects of digital marketing to keep your strategy on-point? We’d love to tell you more about our success stories. Let’s set up a time to talk today.


Every budding company needs an online presence. The best way to start is with a strategic web solution designed specifically for your business objectives and target audience needs. Before starting development, our team sits down with our clients to discuss these important details and outline the specific goals of a web solution, key triggers for audience interaction and conversion methods.

Using these blueprints as our guide, we then build out designs and wireframes for our clients before even starting development. By solidifying the details, we make sure every move is tactical, saving our clients time and money. For young startup companies, this is a crucial detail in the process.

Design & Development

Prepared with strategic outlines, we then get down to work developing an innovative web solution. Startup companies have no time to waste, after all. We focus on an engaging user experience to showcase our clients’ most important content, leading visitors to the information they need and shortening their path to conversion.

By implementing responsive design best practices, our development team ensures our clients provide an optimal browsing experience for audiences on all device types. This increases potential for visitor interaction and conversions. We also build every website with the end goal of high traffic numbers, so our online team gets involved to ensure sound technical structure and SEO-friendly pages.

Mobile Solutions

Often startups prefer to go straight to the target audiences on the technology they love the most – their smartphones and tablets. Our mobile application development team build powerful and engaging solutions to increase interaction between young brands and their target audiences. Our team can partner with yours to develop a successful mobile application, increasing brand recognition and achieving business goals.

Some startup companies building a mobile solution just need that final finesse before they push their application to market. Our mobile development team has helped many companies take their applications from good to great. We can help you make that great first impression with your mobile solution.

Production Development

Some entrepreneurs have the perfect product idea but have no way to build, implement or distribute it. Our sister company, FoundElement, has a team on hand to help startups build software ideas from the ground up. This partnership includes much more than product development though – we act as an investor to strengthen your product and increase interest from other investors, putting your startup on the road to success.

Once this solid foundation is created, the SteadyRain team jumps in to build a strategy for the finished product – including business goals, targeted verticals, audience development and marketing strategies for its launch. Have an innovative software idea? We’d like to talk to you about it.

Digital Marketing

The work doesn’t end once your young company launches its new website. A significant amount of work goes into promoting your brand online and driving target audiences to your web solution.

Our digital marketing team has experience working with young brands and help attract more prospective customers to clients’ sites. From search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising management, our online marketing team can help boost your startup company online. We can even help you amplify your brand message with an effective social media strategy to increase your connections with key audiences.


Work with a digital strategy agency that’s just as excited about your young business as you are. Contact our team to learn about how we can help grow your startup company online quickly and efficiently.