Sitex Partners with SteadyRain to Provide Web-Based and Mobile Solutions to Global Energy Client

ST. LOUIS – July 20, 2011–  SteadyRain, an award-winning digital agency located in St. Louis, Missouri, continues its relationship with Sitex Environmental to provide custom web solutions and iPad application (app) development to a global energy client, which will create greater accessibility and organization of analytical information, specifically for their facilities within North America and with the opportunity to expand the application globally.
 “Having the opportunity to develop web and mobile based applications for Sitex and its client is a welcomed challenge that allows SteadyRain to showcase our strategy and development skills”, says Joe Marcallini, Vice President of Internet Strategy at SteadyRain. “While strategizing for this project, we purposely focused on mobile technology as the solution to help workers in the field collect data and post to a web based application, all in real time.”  
The web-based solution will employ multiple necessary technological developments. SteadyRain will create a customized iPad app, which will allow the consultant’s personnel to quickly document time-sensitive information within oil refineries on the mobile device. This information will be stored and accessible by oil refinery employees and related contractors on a second development, a customized web application solution also designed and developed by SteadyRain.
The customized web application provides oil refinery employees a search-based system, allowing for quick access to necessary details that are required to complete a task, without the need of searching through paper documents or enlisting the assistance from a third party.
 “SteadyRain has been working with Sitex for many years refining environmental, safety and health tracking applications,” says Kevin Hoorman, Vice President of Operations at Sitex. “These applications have proven to increase efficiency at the plants and refineries we work with as well as serving as a great value-added service for our clients. The added opportunity of developing mobile applications for these scenarios makes for even greater efficiencies and trackability”. 
SteadyRain has worked with Sitex Enviromental on a number of management information systems, including current web application framework for companies throughout the United States, including St. Louis based Ameren UE.  These systems have provided various facilities with the latest technology, giving greater organization of essential materials and increased efficiency when searching for specific details.