ST. LOUIS – August 3, 2011 – St. Louis based Internet strategy, design and development agency, SteadyRain, announces website re-launch for St. Louis local storage facility, A-1 Locker Rental, which includes an updated content management system and geo-targeted design concentrating on A-1 Locker Storage locations.

A-1 Locker Rental reached out to SteadyRain seeking an online marketing solution, which would place greater emphasis on targeting the immediate areas around each A-1 Locker Rental location while enhancing the business’ overall online presence. In order to achieve the desired solution, SteadyRain concentrated efforts on two important areas: the website’s content management system and search engine marketing.
First steps included re-designing and integrating the current A-1 Locker Rental website with the content management system, DotNetNuke. The enhanced content management system allows greater ease for updating the website as well as providing further opportunities to create specific content unique to A-1 Locker Rental.
During the integration process, SteadyRain began work on a localized online marketing (OLM) strategy. The OLM strategy will focus on search engine marketing tactics, which includes localized search engine optimization (SEO). The strategy will target specific areas surrounding the current A-1 Locker Rental locations, which serve Arnold, Fenton and the surrounding South St Louis County areas.
“We’re truly excited to have A-1 Locker Rental as a client. Their need for an extremely targeted search marketing campaign with clear conversion goals is a perfect example of how online marketing can help small business gain a competitive advantage,” said Eric Baggett, Director of Online Marketing.
With the launch of the new A-1 Locker Rental website, phase one of a multi-level geo-targeted strategy is complete. SteadyRain will continue work on the localized OLM strategy in order to provide A-1 Locker Rental the unique opportunity to gain heightened awareness of its facilities and services within the areas around the current locations.