Local Boutique Seeks Social Media Consulting from SteadyRain

SteadyRain, St. Louis based Internet strategy, development, and online marketing agency, announces online marketing partnership with Rung. SteadyRain will work with the local boutique on an online marketing consulting engagement, which will focus on social media marketing and integrated marketing strategy.

Located in Rock Hill, Missouri, Rung is a women’s resale store dedicated to selling affordable fashion to the community and donates a significant portion of its profits to the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis.

“When we opened Rung in 2010, we knew online marketing would be an important piece of the promotional puzzle, but we did not anticipate the exponential growth and popularity we’re seeing in digital media today,” says Rung President and Founder Ali Kindle.

It was important for Rung to partner with a digital marketing agency that could help achieve the organizational goals to further fulfill the mission set forth by the boutique. SteadyRain will work with Rung to not only generate increased brand awareness through the appropriate social media channels, but provide guidance and training around online marketing technology and campaign management tools.

“We quickly realized we needed a strategic partner with SteadyRain’s resources and expertise to streamline our efforts so we could keep our eyes on the prize—giving money to organizations that help women and girls in our community,” says Rung Executive Director Mallarie Zimmer.

Through the creation of an efficient online marketing strategy, SteadyRain will effectively streamline Rung’s social media marketing process as well as provide a concrete marketing plan, which will be consistent with the boutique’s offline marketing efforts.

“We will work closely with Rung to develop a functional online marketing plan that not only assists with increasing overall brand awareness online, but also spreads the important philosophy that Rung has come to adopt”, says Eric Baggett, Director of Online Marketing at SteadyRain. “And by creating a specific plan that is unique to Rung’s needs, we’ll be able to maximize campaign effectiveness.”

About SteadyRain

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SteadyRain is a privately held digital agency that works closely with each of its clients to create unique and profitable Internet strategies through consulting, strategic planning, website design and development, online marketing solutions, web application development, and mobile application development. SteadyRain has been helping businesses and organizations develop their online strategies, increase revenue, and decrease costs since 1999, having worked with clients such as Conoco Phillips, Great Rivers Greenway, the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Missouri Division of Tourism, Nestlé Purina, Novus International, and Washington University in St. Louis. For more information about SteadyRain, please visit www.SteadyRain.com.

About Rung

Our mission at Rung is to bolster the confidence of professional women in the business world by offering professional attire at affordable prices in a boutique atmosphere that provides a fun and uplifting experience. With a significant portion of the profits going to support the work of the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis, Rung brings professional fashion full circle. From your closet to our community, your donations as well as your purchases make a difference for women at all levels of the career ladder.