SteadyRain Partners with Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at Washington University School of Medicine for Digital Strategy

MIR St. LouisSteadyRain announces its partnership with Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at Washington University for website strategy and a site redevelopment solution, resulting from the successful conclusion of its consulting engagement.

The Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology contacted the firm for recommendations on website and online marketing strategy. By starting with an evaluation of the organization as a whole, including a review of business objectives, target audiences and offered services, SteadyRain uncovered specific content visitors seek from this best-in-class radiology health care, educational and research organization. With these insights, the firm provided direction for user interface design and website development aimed at driving patients to the experts at MIR rather than receiving services through competing, local organizations. This also includes assistance and direction with search engine optimization strategy and keyword research.

SteadyRain’s plan for 2014 includes development of an enhanced online presence with the implementation of DNN Software’s Evoq Content content management solution, which the firm extended with custom DNN modules to focus on availability of patient medical services content, educational program information and current research initiatives. These enhancements will allow the organization to internally manage content related to locations, physicians, procedures, exams and documentation. These capabilities will also allow Mallinckrodt to quickly and effectively update its website content and provide much-needed information to patients, students and radiology researchers.

“As a world-leader in radiology treatment, education and research, the Mallinckrodt Institute is finding heavy competition from the very organizations that ask for their expert advice every day,” emphasized Thompson Knox, SteadyRain President. “Our mission is to help this world-renowned organization compete by helping explain that a patient can start with an industry-leading expert instead of hoping the radiologist their insurance provider recommends is as capable or has access to someone at the Institute for expert review and diagnosis.”  

Mallinckrodt and SteadyRain plan to launch the redesigned website in 2014.