SteadyRain Announces Free SharePoint Bootcamp Taught by Microsoft Certified Master

SteadyRain announces its first SharePoint 2013 Bootcamp training date. Free for all SharePoint users, the one-day class on Tuesday, August 27, will help the students evaluate, prepare, and execute upgrade and deployment for SharePoint 2013.

As businesses transition to this new version of SharePoint, many administrators, developers and other users need training on properly upgrading their current versions and smoothly deploying new applications. SteadyRain aims to fill this need with this complimentary one-day class. Seating is limited, and the agency urges local SharePoint users to sign up for this free course early to earn quality knowledge at no cost to students. SteadyRain will even provide a complimentary lunch for the students to make the arduous course more enjoyable. 

All SteadyRain SharePoint courses are developed by a former member of the Microsoft SharePoint Product Team and current Microsoft Certified Master. Bryan Porter, SteadyRain Chief Technology Officer, is one of only 31 Microsoft Certified Solutions Masters for SharePoint in the United States and offers a unique hands-on training setting that allows administrators to learn how to approach real-life applications of the collaboration software.

“Our goal for the free SharePoint 2013 Bootcamp course is to allow users to feel more comfortable with impending upgrades and deployments. In this class, we’re moving far beyond the basics – and covering the kinds of upgrade scenarios that can cause analysis paralysis. Things like multi-farm, geo-distribution, remote blob storage, business continuity planning, and more are all covered here,” said Porter. “We aim to enable local SharePoint users to successfully implement the platform’s newest version and instill confidence in their administrative abilities within the software. Our courses help make SharePoint more accessible and aid users deliver strategic solutions for their businesses.”

SteadyRain also offers a variety of multiple-day courses ranging from $995 to $1,995 that are available either on-location for businesses with specific company needs or at SteadyRain headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. All classes include interactive, hands-on training on world-class hardware through the exploration of real-world scenarios with access to deep technical expertise.

Register today or contact SteadyRain to learn more.