SteadyRain Launches New Website for The Pageant

SteadyRain proudly announces the launch of a new website for The Pageant, one of the Top Ten Concert Clubs in the world.

Web development st. louisSteadyRain worked with the premiere venue to create a new website design to increase engagement with the entertainment venue’s target audiences. In addition to this new look and feel, the agency implemented DNN Community for content management and developed a sophisticated set of custom DNN modules that allow content managers to create and schedule the release of upcoming shows, provide an archival band database for the venue and allow each band to have dedicated a profile page on the site that includes a list of all shows played at The Pageant as well as image galleries showing the visual highlights of each show. 

“We are extremely pleased with the new website SteadyRain designed and implemented,” said Patrick Hagin, Managing Partner of The Pageant. “Our website is now truly an accurate representation of our business, and we look forward to providing additional resources to our website visitors through its new features.”  

These custom DNN modules allow The Pageant staff to implement efficient and uncomplicated updates, keeping event information current and reducing customer confusion. The new content management system also simplifies and enhances search engine optimization for the venue, increasing potential for future ticket sales through organic search, especially local search for specific bands. As a result of streamlining content changes within the site, the marketing team can shift its focus to other business opportunities. 

“This is another great success story for SteadyRain in the tourism and promotion business,” said Thompson Knox, SteadyRain President. “Pat and his team need new visuals and easy-to-manage content tools with flexibility for timed content release, and we’ve provided them a solution that fits all of their wants and needs. Very exciting to be able to increase efficiency within this exciting St. Louis landmark!”

Created specifically to help reach more members of the venue’s target audience by providing additional content in an easy-to-consume form, the website is part of an overall effort to engage local online users and entertainment fans. SteadyRain and The Pageant anticipate increased traffic to the site overall and well as traffic from the site to Ticketmaster, impacting ticket sales. An additional expected result of the new website is an increase in newsletter conversion. Visit to view the new website and learn more.