SteadyRain Named W3 Award 2013 Winner for Tourism Website

SteadyRain, a St. Louis based internet strategy, development and online marketing agency, announces the win of an International Academy of the Visual Arts 2013 W3 Award. SteadyRain has been honored for its website development for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

Longtime SteadyRain client, the Missouri Division of Tourism approached SteadyRain for enhancements to its website usability and navigation for in-state and out-of-state tourists. While this was, primarily, a visual update to coincide with the state’s re-branding initiative, it also included user interface updates and improvements. Feature enhancements included an revised navigational structure to accommodate varying types of visitors to the Division’s website and upgraded listing details to include distance to major destinations within the state for each event and listing on the website. 

SteadyRain also helped expand content on the website by expanding the Trip Ideas section of the site to support dynamic, content-managed content integrated with the other content types already within the system. This allows each visitor to select from a much wider variety of trip ideas and have the opportunity to experience the state uniquely based on their specific interests.  

“This was a wonderful surprise for us having just returned from the Missouri Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Springfield,” said Thompson Knox, SteadyRain President. “Having made great strides with the Tourism Industry Portal and working with H&L Partners on the rebrand, it’s good to know that the other visitor enhancements are recognized as beneficial. Traffic growth to the Trip Ideas section of the site continues to surprise all of us.”

The W3 Awards are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), organization that recognizes outstanding work within traditional and interactive media and promotes innovation in media.