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Digital Strategy for Enhanced Ecommerce Capabilities

SteadyRain partnered with Carr Lane Manufacturing to optimize the company's marketing website and better reach its target audiences online as well as work to integrate the new site with internal systems. Through a consulting engagement, the two teams worked together to develop a digital strategy aligned with the company's business objectives. By determining goals, outlining audiences and building effective ecommerce strategies before entering the development process, both teams paved a clear path for digital success with innovative solutions for the large manufacturing company.

With this strategy in mind, SteadyRain outlined an enhanced user experience for Carr Lane's audiences. The agency defined a navigation strategy and site map focused on shortening the path to conversion for website visitors and increase opportunities for interaction with target audiences. This included simplification of online forms and basic product look-up and availability information through integration with the manufacturing company's internal systems.  This update allowed a visitor to quickly interact with Carr Lane’s product database, check availability of specific parts, receive detailed pricing and place the order online without requiring interaction with Carr Lane’s call center.

SteadyRain also strengthened its product comparison tool and online checkout process. As a result, Carr Lane can provide an enhanced ecommerce experience for visitors and increase order volume online. Other elements of the new strategy included targeted calls-to-action specifically for engineers in search of detailed CAD drawing of Carr Lane parts to include in project plans as well as a full re-development of Carr Lane’s online product catalog, again, with ties where necessary with internal systems.

By starting with a web consulting engagement, SteadyRain identified opportunities for the client to increase engagement with key audiences through strategic integration with ecommerce tools. This, in turn, helped Carr Lane increase revenue and content management efficiency while decreasing product database management costs.


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Project Successes

  • Increased opportunities for conversion through integration of innovative ecommerce tools
  • Decreased costs by outlining strategies and needs before starting development
  • Increased development efficiency with functional page wireframes and elements
  • Identified a powerful CMS to maximize opportunities for Carr Lane's content management team