Orchard Consulting

Online success usually follows implementation of a well-developed plan. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult for businesses to take a step back and objectively assess their digital goals and messaging. That’s where SteadyRain comes in. Our Orchard CMS consulting team of strategists, designers and developers work with clients to determine overall business goals, key target audiences, specific messaging and more to build a comprehensive plan before jumping into the actual visual outlining and building of an Orchard CMS website.

Nail down the strategic details before starting an expensive project.

SteadyRain starts the Orchard consulting process by discussing and recording annual business goals, corporate culture, competitor tactics, target audience needs, messaging triggers and more. From this, a comprehensive strategy is born, and we can move on to the next step in its consulting process – creating functional specifications and wireframes to help move the proceeding design process move quickly and efficiently.

Nine times out of ten SteadyRain greatly impresses its clients with level of depth in strategy creation and moves forward with the design and development process. However, SteadyRain doesn’t believe in locking clients into long projects in which they aren’t satisfied, so we end every consulting engagement by providing clients with documentation of its efforts. This allows businesses the opportunity to take their work elsewhere, visual wireframes, functional specifications and messaging strategies in hand.

Create an objective, in-depth strategy before starting an expensive project to avoid costly development changes down the road.

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