Orchard Widget Development

One of the many benefits of an open-source platform is its enthusiastic collaborative community that constantly expands upon its capabilities. However, utilizing another developer’s Orchard widget to work with a custom design creates a difficult and laborious process. SteadyRain helps speed up and streamline this process, utilizing knowledge from previous experience and evolving .NET proficiencies.

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SteadyRain’s Orchard web design team helps clients build engaging, aesthetic websites with functionality focused on increasing conversion rates while decreasing costs. For those clients seeking a completely new design, SteadyRain starts with a comprehensive consulting engagement to uncover important target audience and navigational needs. Utilizing these insights, we work with clients to design a custom Orchard theme aimed at achieving business goals and increasing revenue for their businesses.

For clients who have a design layout ready for implementation, SteadyRain provides excellent services to bring their design to life through the open-source platform. Our production team works closely with clients to determine the best Orchard widget and module options for a client’s design, target audience messaging efforts and internal content management team.

Whether you seek a custom Orchard theme or implementation of a completed website design, SteadyRain can help you reach your target audiences and achieve your business goals through its Orchard web design services.

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