Web Content Management

Web content management or WCM is a program or an application to create, manage, store and publish content on web pages. Web content may be in the form of text, graphics, photos, videos, or audio.

A successful web content management system integration allows for easy editing of a website's content. It also eases the pain typically associated with database and content management.

Advantages of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

  • Easy to use. With support for multiple users and simple editing tools, a web content management system puts the power to make content changes in the hands of content managers, allowing changes without requiring costly development time.
  • Improved workflow process. A WCMS allows the website owner to decide and control web content publishing, for example, who can draft content, who has the authority to deploy it, and when it is pushed to public.
  • SEO friendly. A WCMS makes it possible for the design of a site to remain consistent while the content changes 

How to Integrate Content Management System into an Existing Website

Depending on the scale, complexity of your current website database and content, a content management system (CMS) migration project can include following:
  • Develop content placement strategy
  • Decide a publishing tool.
  • Develop new workflow management or streamline the current one.
  • Organize content assets
  • Data structuring
  • Version control
  • CMS training
SteadyRain works with our clients to leverage the power of CMS solutions to manage website content quickly and efficiently. These tools help make content easy to access and fresh for users while maintaining the overall look and feel of a website. Our web content management experts ensure a smooth before-and-after integration of CMS into your website with no disruption to the current site (or your business). 

Enhance your online efforts and effectively engage your target audiences with a custom CMS integration strategy. Contact SteadyRain for web content management today.

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