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Due to its flexibility, predictability and measurability, search engine marketing (SEM), is a critical traffic and conversion channel for many brands. However, to ensure optimal campaign success, requirements include experienced setup, daily maintenance and comprehensive analysis. SteadyRain works with clients to research target audiences, develop a comprehensive and conversion-driving list of keywords and other relevant details before launching a SEM campaign.

Cut PPC costs by starting with an in-depth strategy from a certified Google Partner.

Following launch of an SEM campaign, SteadyRain’s online marketing team closely monitors the search engine marketing campaign performance, analyzing data and identifying trends for improvements leading to higher conversion rates and decreased costs. As a leading SEM agency SteadyRain emphasizes transparency through its monthly reporting, highlighting campaign successes and areas needing strategy adjustment. SteadyRain’s SEM team puts clients’ needs first and therefore provides a flexible cdigital strategy – we can implement adjustments within one business day to mirror a rapidly changing integrated marketing campaign.

We don’t want to spend more of your money. Pay a fee, not a media spend percentage.

To ensure the SteadyRain search engine marketing team puts 100 percent of its focus on driving conversions and increasing revenue through identified client business goals, SteadyRain charges a monthly fee for its PPC strategy as opposed to a percentage of media spend.

Increase your company’s online pay-per-click conversions and generate additional revenue for your business, all while decreasing your media spend. Contact SteadyRain for experienced SEM management today.

We build PPC strategies that drive quality traffic to increase your ROI, not your media spend.

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