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An effective and nimble Ecommerce SEO strategy can double your website traffic and online sales.

SEO for online retailers is fundamentally different from SEO for informational marketing websites. E-commerce SEO is crucial because businesses have products to push and sell. They have new potential customers to engage. Their business revenue is heavily tied to their online sales. Simply put, e-commerce SEO is vital to success in a competitive marketplace.

Our digital marketing team works with online retailers to build successful e-commerce SEO strategy focused on increasing website traffic, boosting product awareness and increasing online conversions. Is your business’ sales potential lacking because an ecommerce SEO strategy is missing from your overall marketing approach?

We understand how to properly categorize and optimize the incredible amount of content that goes into an e-commerce website. Our team knows ecommerce SEO and uses this knowledge to help guide clients through complicated SEO issues, such as seasonal products, out-of-stock items, duplicate content, product variations and sale items.

One of the most important ecommerce SEO tasks is effective keyword research. Researching and building a database of keywords for hundreds of products can seem daunting and, well, impossible. Even worse, these terms must be updated on a regular basis, and optimized content must follow.

That’s why our e-commerce SEO clients let us handle this task. We’re the experts, and we don’t mind doing the heavy lifting.

Our digital marketing team starts this vital ecommerce SEO task with a generic, and often massive, database of potential keywords for all products and every potential variation of each item. We then narrow down the list by evaluating and ranking each keyword with our proprietary Keyword Valuation Index (KVI) and its objective criteria to develop a database of conversion-ready product keywords.

Our digital marketing team then works with our e-commerce SEO clients to ensure all final keywords are on point and focus on achieving specific online revenue goals. Then our team focuses on enhancing item descriptions to help increase their rankings in search results.

The structure of an e-commerce website has a profound effect on its rankings in search engine page results. Google doesn’t like badly-organized sites. Neither do consumers for that matter. Guiding our clients through the technical aspects of ecommerce SEO helps everyone win.

The SteadyRain digital marketing team works with ecommerce SEO clients on an ideal website architecture to ensure that search engine robots can find its way through its channels to find products.

Bonus – these updates often make the shopping experience more

enjoyable for customers, as it helps them more easily find the item they seek as well as related products. We then submit an updated sitemap to search engines, a critical step in ecommerce SEO to ensure they get the message that clients’ website structure has been enhanced.

Following optimized website architecture, our e-commerce SEO team works with clients to build an effective internal linking strategy to help give product pages added SEO benefit. Again, this also helps consumers navigate through the site more easily and discover products they otherwise might not have known existed. Our e-commerce SEO strategy works for clients and consumers alike.

As all online retailers understand, user reviews can greatly increase a product’s success and therefore, potential for conversions. Part of ecommerce SEO is getting these reviews front-and-center. When customers love one of your items, don’t you want to shout about it from the rooftops and let the rest of the world know?

Our team helps you put your user reviews to good use as part of our ecommerce SEO strategy. We provide direction on and implementation of markup, which attaches a visual star system beside a product page in search results. This visual usual rating system significantly increases item click-through rates and conversions.

We also build social media integration strategies for clients. You can show your prospective customers how many consumers have “liked” or tweeted about an item. Don’t underestimate the power of social proof. We’ve witnessed many conversion rate transformations for our ecommerce SEO clients from this implementation alone.

Ready to put your user reviews and social media efforts to work for you? Give our digital marketing team a call today and put our e-commerce SEO experience work for you.

80 percent of consumers use smartphones to shop.

70 percent of mobile searches lead on an online conversion within an hour.

Is your business missing out on all of this revenue potential? If the answer is yes, our ecommerce SEO strategies can work for your business.

Our clients benefit from working with a digital marketing team that has the support of a full service agency. We partner e-commerce SEO with effective mobile strategies to ensure our clients reach and connect with potential customers on mobile devices.

Our mobile e-commerce SEO strategy focuses on ensuring all products have appropriate visuals and description formats for mobile shoppers, helping increase product views and conversion rates. Our team also helps integrate simple purchasing systems to help facilitate mobile purchases. Our approach to ecommerce SEO makes it easier to buy directly from a smartphone, and consumers respond positively.

Ready to capture those mobile shoppers and drive organic site traffic to increase conversions? Contact our digital marketing team today to learn more about our ecommerce SEO services.

Don’t rely on typical search engine optimization strategies. Our digital marketing team provides focused e-commerce SEO strategies including optimized product descriptions to guide more potential customers to retail websites organically.

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