Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t all about choosing the best keywords and balancing on-page keyword density. Yes, that is a big part of it, but many technical aspects of a website affect its overall health and page rankings in search engine results. Technical SEO is a vital part of the process.

Has your website undergone an SEO audit lately?

If it’s been more than a year since your last SEO audit, it’s been too long. Simple mistakes made over 12 months add up. Technical SEO miscues can seriously damage your website’s SEO performance.

The good news is that by identifying and fixing these technical SEO issues, businesses often experience an increase in organic traffic, improvements in search results rankings and interaction from website visitors. An SEO audit will uncover these technical SEO issues, and get your business back in the game.

During an SEO audit, our team provides an in-depth analysis of an entire checklist of technical SEO issues and outlines a strategy to fix them and enhance website strength. Following the SEO audit, we then work with either the client’s development team or our own to fix the uncovered issues quickly and efficiently.

A poorly planned website from a technical SEO standpoint not only confuses search engines, it confuses visitors. If neither can find the information they need, they will leave, decreasing your search result rankings, potential audience engagement and ultimately, conversion rate. An SEO audit will eliminate that confusion.

Website architecture refers to the technical setup of a website, including the code serving information to users, information architecture and internal linking strategy. At the start of each SEO campaign, we provide a comprehensive technical SEO analysis for our clients, allowing us to identify any underlying issues that may be causing their website to perform poorly from an organic search standpoint.

Our team starts the SEO audit process with an evaluation of numerous technical SEO metrics, including content organization and how both search engines and users navigate through this structure, taking into account crawl rates and depth as well as page load speeds, code efficiencies and duplicate content issues.

We also review deeper code-related issues during the SEO audit process, such as html discrepancies for header tags and page names. If the client doesn’t use markup and structured data snippets, we determine if their integration of these technical SEO aspects would benefit the website and develop a strategy for implementation.

We make sure their sitemaps are current and provide search engines with an efficient roadmap to crawling website content. Google has a limited tolerance for sitemap mistakes. If yours exceeds that limit, the search engine starts distrusting the reference and your website as a whole, effecting its rankings in search results. Losing out on this important aspect of technical SEO is detrimental to your website’s performance, and thus it is a key part of the SEO audit process.

The number one goal for your website is to have visitors enjoy their experience, learn more about your company and then convert. Technical SEO improvements go a long way in making these goals a reality.

Several functionality, design and content features contribute to a successful user experience and the general technical SEO health of your website. For example, page speed is critically important to both user and search engine satisfaction.

In today’s digital environment, consumers don’t like to wait. Are you frustrating potential customers with slow page speed? If yes, it’s time for a technical SEO audit and a remedy.

During an SEO audit, our team also evaluates website navigation to ensure visitors can find the information they need quickly and efficiently. We identify potential engagement roadblocks that could be impacting your technical SEO and build strategies to eliminate them.

Other potential technical SEO issues we review during an SEO audit and analysis include browser compatibility, use of Flash and image load times. We make recommendations on potential technical SEO improvements, including Google Author markup and markup.

Building an effective, accurate internal linking strategy can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s a lot of room for error, and even a small technical SEO mistake can have a large ripple effect for your website.

Our team handles regular, scheduled link evaluations for clients to eliminate existing issues and ensure their technical SEO strategy remains on point.

This technical SEO analysis includes a review of the pages on each client’s site that are most frequently linked to, and internal link building to the most important pages on a website. We ensure that all internal links take users to the correct destination. Our team also guarantees these links have correct structure, eliminating technical SEO issues such as overuse of exact match anchor text.

By building and maintaining healthy internal linking strategies, our online marketing team helps clients increase their website rankings, enhance the visitor experience and boost potential for on-site conversions.

How closely are you tracking your website visitors? What about the impact of changes to your technical SEO? Google Analytics and other web tracking resources provide a wealth of data to evaluate. If used properly, the insights gleaned contribute to a more efficient website, enjoyable user experience and an increase in online conversions.

These technical SEO evaluation tactics include parameter ID evaluation, goal tracking and dynamic URL development. Their implementation allows marketers to effectively assess where website visitors come from, how they navigate through the site, the actions they complete and why they do or do not convert.

Our team completes the setup process for event and click tracking for our clients and evaluates their use of our strategies regularly, to eliminate and fix technical SEO errors and protect their websites.

Need a professional SEO audit and an experienced team to review your Google Analytics implementation? Give our team a call. We’re happy to help out with a trained eye and objective evaluation.

A successful long-term technical SEO strategy requires a technically-sound website, and if yours isn’t up to par, your business is missing out on organic website traffic and online conversions.

Contact our digital marketing team for a comprehensive SEO audit and technical SEO analysis to start the website enhancement process today.

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Conduct a Full Website Review Before You Go Live

The digital landscape is evolving at a breakneck speed, and online users are expecting more functionality than ever before. If your website has gone more than a year without a system upgrade, it’s time for a website review. SteadyRain provides comprehensive website analysis for clients to ensure their businesses effectively connect with target audiences.

A few website updates can go a long way. Contact SteadyRain to determine how to more effectively reach your target audiences.

SteadyRain starts with a full website review of design, functionality and overall strategy and then provides comprehensive enhancements based on research findings. Depending on specific business and target audience needs, website maintenance may include any of the following:

Are there clear calls-to-action to deep content on your home page? How do you expect your target audiences to find the content they need?

Start improving the online experience for your target audience and increasing online conversions with a tactical website analysis and maintenance strategy. 

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