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How many digital marketing channels does your business leverage?

Do you have a consistent, integrated marketing strategy across all of them?

Most marketing teams split the online marketing responsibilities between channels – one person handles SEO, another PPC, another social media and yet another, public relations. This, unfortunately, often creates a disconnection in messaging and audience targeting.

In other words, everyone is saying different things. This dilutes the overall brand message, making it less effective and confusing target audiences. Integrated online marketing can help.

To help our clients avoid these types of issues, we provide guidance on integrated marketing efforts across all channels. Our online marketing team starts with a consulting engagement to effectively understand clients’ specific business goals, target audiences and content schedules.

We then take this knowledge to develop a cohesive, integrated online marketing and messaging strategy for each channel – SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, E-Commerce product descriptions, Social Media, Public Relations, Email Marketing and more. Integrated online marketing is about bringing everything together into a single package that serves numerous purposes. An integrated marketing approach works.

These integrated marketing strategies increase message impact and target audience engagement, effectively driving more website traffic and increasing online conversions.

Many businesses have at least several different target audiences. Depending on the digital channels employed, this can cause disjointed messaging, as marketers attempt to reach all of them without an integrated marketing approach.

To keep audiences from getting confused, our online marketing team provides clients with integrated online marketing strategies to reach each one on every channel they utilize. We also provide research on the channels each target uses and engages with the most, allowing clients’ marketing teams to focus their efforts in the best areas.

By narrowing focus on the best channels and messaging tactics for each audience type, our team helps clients forge a more engaging and personal relationship with their existing and prospective clients, strengthening the brand as a whole through integrated marketing.

How many people write brand messaging content for your online marketing channels?

If you haven’t provided each team member with a brand tone and personality guide, chances are they’re all either inflecting their own voice into the content they write or are grasping at straws to write for their definition of the brand’s voice. Disjointed marketing is not integrated marketing.

Our online marketing team works with clients to build a guide based on specific brand characteristics and target audience needs. We then customize these guidelines for each channel. For example, a brand’s voice on social media can be considerably less formal than its public relations counterpart.

These distinctions are important to integrated online marketing efforts. Target audiences react well to a tightly-defined brand. This success starts with a strong integrated marketing strategy.

We help clients’ marketing teams navigate these subtle differences in their messaging, content and SEO efforts to ensure they reach their target audiences effectively while keeping the brand tone and personality cohesive. That’s integrated marketing.

Do you have a crisis plan in place?

When something goes wrong, does your entire digital marketing team know how to react cohesively?

Time is of the essence in these type of situations, and we work with clients to ensure they have integrated marketing strategies in place to evoke one strong brand message. Our online marketing team outlines how content tone and personality should shift to fit the situation, to a more serious tone in crisis communications, for example.

A crisis is only one type of situation for which we prepare our clients through the integrated online marketing consulting process. Our online marketing team also focuses on customer support situations, political entanglements and praise response.

Integrated online marketing is about getting everyone on your team on the same page. We are here to help.

Don’t find yourself in one of these situations without a plan for each of your digital channels. Contact our online marketing team to build your custom brand integrated marketing strategy today.

If you don’t track what you say and how you say it, you’ll never effectively understand its impact and implications for your business goals.

We work with clients to put tracking systems in place for each digital channel utilized. Our team records messaging efforts, how they are distributed and how audiences react to your integrated marketing efforts. We analyze how well each tactic works and provide alternatives and adjustments to ensure our clients evolve positively and toward an increase in engagement and website conversions through integrated online marketing.

Don’t leave opportunity on the table. Our team can help you evaluate how well your integrated marketing strategy resonates with target audiences.

Use the strength and talent of your digital marketing team members to build a strong and conversion-ready brand message.

Contact us for a customized integrated online marketing strategy today.

We can help you put all of the puzzle pieces together.

Contact our team today.