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Nothing is more frustrating than realizing an almost-customer left your website with a full cart but no purchase. Before retargeting, you’d have to write it off as the worst type of page bounce. But now you can actively pursue the one who got away.

This strategy, also known as remarketing, allows businesses to target focused advertising messages to website visitors who leave their websites before converting. Marketers can track visitors to a website in its entirety or to specific areas of the website, such as a cart page or a struggling service section for retargeting.

How Retargeting Works

To start the process, a tracking pixel is placed on the targeted destination pages of the website. When a visitor arrives on the page, a cookie is associated with that user.

As the user navigates through other websites that have ad space purchased through Google’s Display Network (or other third party display networks), they are served display ads or text ads related to the abandoned website.

One of the top benefits of the process is that remarketing keeps your brand top-of-mind for consumers that are already interested.

If past visitors return to your website and convert after being retargeted, a “burn” pixel is applied, eliminating the visitor from the potential display ad audience. Your target audience is constantly shifting to ensure your strategy remains fresh and focused on those most likely to convert.

Retargeting companies like SteadyRain create strategic campaigns to remind past visitors to come back and convert, making remarketing a smart digital marketing investment.

So, what is Remarketing?

Google refers to its retargeting program as remarketing. Because the search engine giant controls a large percentage of the retargeting industry through its Google Adwords Display Network, the switch of terms tends to confuse marketers.

However both terms refer to the same process. As one of St. Louis’ top digital marketing agencies, SteadyRain is a Google Certified Partner, so whether you prefer to call it remarketing or retargeting, SteadyRain will develop a strategy perfect for your company.

Our digital marketing team works with clients to develop a retargeting strategy focused on achieving specific business goals.

For example, if you’re seeking to drive more conversion-ready traffic to ailing areas of your website, under-selling products or abandoned shopping carts, we would zero in on how you want to grow your business and create a strategy with targeted calls to action around these initiatives.

Depending on the traffic volume to your site, we’ll work with you to segment your audience into different funnels with different messaging strategies based on when they initially visited your website or filled their shopping cart. This level of customization improves conversion potential and makes a remarketing campaign more effective as it caters to the needs of specific types of visitors.

The first day of retargeting – Don’t forget your shopping cart!
Later in the campaign – It’s been a month. Did you forget about us? We didn’t forget about you.

As a team with experience in many areas of digital marketing, we realize remarketing is only one strategy to increase website conversions. We carefully integrate our efforts and strategies into clients’ overall digital marketing plans to ensure target audiences have similar brand experiences at different touch points.

Our team understands retargeting functions as invaluable follow-up to other digital strategy efforts and must maintain forward brand momentum, not lead potential customers in a different direction.

To support the retargeting strategies we develop for clients, our digital marketing team works with internal designers to write compelling copy and create eye-popping display ads. Each ad design is unique and structured specifically with the business goals of their distinct landing pages in mind.

By partnering our digital marketing experience with our award-winning design department, we build ads that encourage clicks and conversions with clear calls to action and enticing offers. After all, retargeting doesn’t work without effective marketing collateral.

The SteadyRain digital marketing team starts each remarketing campaign by sitting down with clients to outline a unique strategy to fit the brand’s distinct needs.

We then outline a plan to work with their existing marketing plan, editorial calendar and other digital marketing campaigns. Clients are involved every step of the way to ensure we provide the most strategic campaign possible.

We schedule and stick to our client checkpoints to ensure we stay on strategy and can adjust to business goal changes.

Once live, our digital marketing team monitors the retargeting campaign’s performance daily and keeps clients informed of its gains and setbacks with regular reports. If something isn’t working, we adjust our strategy quickly and effectively to ensure repeated brand exposure for the audiences that matter most.

We partner these efforts by tracking movement of those who click through the display ads to see how they interact with their landing pages as well as how often and quickly returning website visitors convert. Our team can follow these paths through Google Analytics and provide additional insights on how to improve the site experience for those on the edge of converting. Start your retargeting strategy today to drive conversions and online sales.

Don’t let customers slip through your fingers and forget your brand.

Our team of digital marketing experts can build a highly-focused retargeting strategy for your specific business goals that drives returning website traffic and increases on-site conversions.

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