Services rendered for this project:
Strategic SharePoint Development

SteadyRain recently assisted a global energy provider in user interface customizations for its SharePoint 2013 intranet portal. The company sought updates to its global intranet portal to allow its distributed network of authors to create content with cohesive branding and an attractive design for end users. The enhanced design and subsequent development and implementation project included the following features:

  • Custom SharePoint 2013 design, including custom master pages, page layouts, and design templates for cross-site publishing, providing an attractive and consistent look and feel for the portal’s end users
  • Strategic use of SharePoint 2013 design templates for the energy provider’s publishing content types, allowing authors to focus on content and the platform to enforce styling consistency

These design enhancements allow authors to focus on content creation without worrying about the resulting look and feel, helping them to not only increase the quantity but also quality of their messaging. As a result, the global energy company achieved a cohesive, branded and integrated portal experience for end users. 

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Project Successes

  • Increased content management efficiency
  • Decreased costs by elimination deployment mistakes with strategic planning
  • Increased staff engagement with enhanced SharePoint branding