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Missouri Botanical Garden My Guides

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Services rendered for this project:
Responsive Web Design and Kiosk Solution

SteadyRain worked with Missouri Botanical Garden to develop MyGuides, a responsive website and connected kiosk solution, to provide tour information for visitors to the Garden. Visitors to the Ridgway Visitor Center can interact with the kiosk and explore a variety of tours by interest area, even printing related information and maps based on their distinct visit interests. 

For potential visitors at home, SteadyRain also developed a responsive web design to mirror the kiosk solution on a desktop computer or tablet. 

Both solutions are managed in one place, built within Missouri Botanical Garden's powerful DNN Evoq Content framework. The solution therefore allows the Garden staff to easily and efficiently implement content updates in their existing, familiar tool. MyGyuides also integrates with the event calendar from the Garden's main website, relieving its content managers the task of updating information in two separate places.

The Missouri Botanical Garden has received positive feedback and increased visitor engagement for both the responsive web and kiosk versions of MyGuides. 

View the project: http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/My-Guides.aspx

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Project Successes

  • Increased online engagement with tour and event content
  • Decreased solution costs with development within current DNN framework
  • Increased visitor engagement with kiosk tool
  • Increased content management efficiency with event module integration

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