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Connecting Corporate Brands with Web Production Services

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Services rendered for this project:
Website Production for HiTouch Business Services

Long-time client, HiTouch, contacted SteadyRain for assistance in producing a completed new design as a DNN Evoq Content skin template that could be leveraged for multiple brands within the HiTouch family of companies. The goal was to make the skin flexible enough that on-staff site implementation specialists and content managers would have the ability to apply the same skin across these various sites without further skin customization

Utilizing the client-provided design, our production team applied custom features to appropriately showcase the brand as a whole and its companies under the corporate umbrella. These include custom navigation, a branded log-in screen for customers and enhanced slideshow capabilities. 

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Project Successes

  • Implementation of a branded log-in form, increasing digital brand recognition
  • Production of various slideshows for corporate showcasing and visual connection for brands under company umbrella
  • Development of custom navigation elements