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Small Business Monthly Site Redesign & Development

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Services rendered for this project:
Web Production Featuring Custom Styling

For the redevelopment of Small Business Monthly’s website, the SteadyRain production team applied a design created in-house by creating a flexible DNN Evoq Content skin. By featuring functional containers, enhanced module styling and custom CSS attributes, we provided the client’s team with an efficient digital tool without sacrificing powerful design.

Production also included applying custom styles to exisiting modules to match Small Business Monthly’s brand as well as integration with third-party modules for enhanced website functionality.

View our work: www.SBMon.com

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Project Successes

  • Cost-effective third-party module integration eliminating need for expensive custom tools
  • Application of engaging design to attract readers
  • Production of an article rotator module to keep front page content fresh
  • Efficient and effective container placement to aid client staff in website updates

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