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Web Solution for Digital Application Submission and Management

SteadyRain partnered with long-time client, Kiamichi Technology Centers (KTC), for development of a web solution allowing the educational institution to accept student applications online while managing submitted applications. This digital work flow enhancement reduced KTC’s dependence on paper applications.

In addition, SteadyRain designed and developed of a number of custom DNN modules to facilitate more streamlined and effective communication across the multiple KTC campuses. Some of these modules include:

  • Campus Locator – Allows prospective students to locate a KTC campus by physical location and by specific course offerings at the campus.
  • Events Calendar – Delivers per campus and system-wide event views with centralized intranet administration in the same DNN module, allowing easy updates for KTC’s staff across all campuses from a single location.
  • Faculty & Staff Directory & Management System – Allows current and prospective students to locate and contact staff and faculty members based on a number of search parameters such as name, location and education specialty. This custom module allows KTC to display select public information on the public-facing site and internal information exclusively on the intranet site.
  • Online Student Application & Management System – Provides students with the option to complete the application process online based on selected search criteria such as long-term or short-term courses, campus location and program. This custom module allows campus administrators to manage all training classes within the DNN module system and displays information automatically for each campus, listing only programs that are being offered for that specific campus while providing administrators with the ability to make real-time updates to program information.

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Project Successes

  • Increased efficiency for application management
  • Cut management costs through time-saving custom tools for staff
  • Increased online application submissions 
  • Boosted student engagement through enhanced digital resources

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